Virtue (Still Wine)


This dry 2019 English rosé comes from grapes that grow at a property Melbury Vale co-manages locally. The breakdown is about 80% Dornfelder grapes, with the remaining 20% coming from a traditionally German variety called Reichensteiner. Both varieties of grapes ripen very well in the cool Dorset climate, producing crisp approachable dry wines. Reichensteiner is a light, floral grape that is perfect for blending. Dornfelder is also a German variety that is being widely planted in the UK for it’s beautiful red berry flavors. Dornfelder in rosé form has bright confectionary strawberry aromas and has bright red summer berries on the palate. The co-ferment of the Dornfelder and Reich gives us a sip of British summertime in a glass. With both berries and summer flowers, this is an extremely versatile wine that can pair with a wide range of foods and cuisines.



Food Pairings: Try this one with anything from local shellfish and crab to meats fresh off the BBQ. It can pair with everything from spicy foods you’d typically think to pair with a crisp white wine, all the way to roasted meats you would traditionally pair with a red wine. Rosé is just red wine in a pink dress, after all.



Suitable for vegans



Mostly Dornfelder grape variety, with a fragrant, fresh strawberry nose yielding a fruity dry, still wine with a well balanced berry flavors and crisp finish.