The Signature – Batch #02 (Still Wine)


When Melbury Vale first built their winery, that vintage yielded a very small crop of what became the original Signature wine. It was a one-off bottling that represented a light fruity red wine that could be enjoyed throughout the summertime. Fast forward a few years later and our winemaker, through some blending trials, found that some of the 2018 red blend mixed with the 2018 rosé wine in tank created a juicy, fruity, flavorful light red we couldn’t stop sipping. The 2018 rosé was slightly different from the 2019 Virtue we bottled, so we decided to use the rosé in a fun, experimental way. While it’s not typical to blend red and rosé wine, once the blending started we felt like we had created something novice wine lovers all the way to oenophiles would enjoy and appreciate. On the nose you immediately pick up notes of wild cherry, fig, and bramble, while the palate is a burst of cranberry, pomegranate, and hibiscus. Best served slightly chilled, this is a crowd pleaser and is a great base wine for a party jug of a sangria type wine cocktail.



Food Pairings: charcuterie spread with cured meats, hard cheeses, grilled peppers, artichokes, and olives. Could also stand up to any dark chocolate dessert because of the bright fruitiness. Also try with balsamic macerated berries.



Suitable for Vegans



The Signature is a proprietary blend of red and rosé wines that create a fruity, juicy wine you will want to drink year round. Serve slightly chilled in the warmer months and sip by the fire in the cooler months. Very limited production with less than 600 bottles available.