Dusk (Aromatised Wine)


This aromatised wine is our Dorset answer to “blush” wine or dessert in a glass! The rosé base wine is Dorset grown Regent grapes. We bump up the ABV of these wines by fortifying with a small amount of our wine based distilled spirit. We then blend with all natural extracts and pure sugar cane. Because of the slight fortification of this wine, it has a longer shelf life once opened. We recommend a bottle of our aromatised wine can stay open in the fridge for up to 2 weeks – but we don’t expect it to last that long! This amazingly flavorful, slightly sweetened wine is best served chilled, but can be enjoyed just under room temp as well. You can serve it in a pitcher with ice and garnish with fruit, or pour into a glass over ice and top with something fizzy. It’s so fruity, yet complex, it will pair with a surprising amount of savory and spicy foods!




Suitable for Vegans



A rosé

Dusk 2020

wine blended with wine brandy, cherry, almond, and fig extracts, and pure sugar cane – drink me room temperature or slightly chilled!

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Dimensions 3 x 3 x 12 in