Exuberance (Still Wine)


Our Exuberance English red wine comes from red grapes grown at a local vineyard Melbury Vale co-manages. This 2018 red blend comes from the “Harvest of a Lifetime” here in the UK, where the growing season stayed extraordinarily warm and sunny. The 2018 Exuberance is a blend of Triomphe d’Alsace [TDA] and Dornfelder grapes. TDA and Dornfelder are both cool climate grapes that that have dark skins and balanced fruit and acidity flavors. The grapes were co-fermented and half of the must was left to sit on the skins for over 12 months. This was the first time we tried this winemaking technique at Melbury Vale. One common note about English red wines is that they can lack body and tannin structure. The time half of the wine spent with the skins allowed for not only a deeper color, but a more rich texture and mouthfeel. We loved the balance of the wine being more full bodied (not often a term used to describe English red wine) but also the fresh fruitiness of the wine thanks to the amazing 2018 vintage. We bottled this wine unfiltered as we felt filtering it would omit the beautiful flavor and viscosity we are so excited about.

On the nose we get aromas of black cherry and dried herbs, with flavors of spiced plum, bramble, and a savory note to finish.


Food Pairings: barbecued meats, aged cheeses, and anything dark chocolate.



Suitable for vegans



Exuberance 2020

Still red blend produced to give a ruby red color, fruity yet light, dry with notes of spice on the palate.

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