Desire (Still Wine)


This dry English wine comes from grapes grown on site at the winery vineyard as well as from other growers in Dorset. The breakdown is about 70% Solaris grapes, 20% Pheonix, with the remaining 10% coming from Melbury’s own Seyval Blanc vines. All varieties of the white grapes ripen very well in the cool Dorset climate, producing fruity, approachable dry wines. Solaris is a hybrid grape that grows very well in the Dorset climate. It brings strong tropical flavors and aromas to the wine, which is apparent upon opening a bottle, you can smell the pineapple from across the room. Phoenix is a great blending grape because of its crisp acidity and elderflower notes, Bacchus is one of the parent grapes of Phoenix and they have somewhat similarly qualities but Phoenix is more muted. Seyval Blanc lends undertones of orchard fruits, especially green apple which helps tamper down the strong tropical flavors of the Solaris. On the nose we get bright pineapple, kiwi, and mango aromas, on the palate we also have notes ripe pineapple, green apple and white flowers, like jasmine.



Food Pairings: anything from bright fish tacos to a Sunday roast. The strong tropical flavors compliment anything with a deep savory flavor.



Suitable for vegans

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Mostly Solaris grape variety, with a fragrant, fresh tropical nose yielding a fruity, dry, still wine with a well balanced pineapple notes and crisp finish.