Another Award Winning Wine at Melbury Vale! Elegance 2014 -Our first 2014 vintage wine release has won an award on its first outing to the Masters of Wine in an English wine blind tasting!

We were delighted with our latest 2014 vintage, still white wine, Elegance, made from the Bacchus grape variety, produced at Melbury Vale. It has only been on sale for the past few months and has been exceptionally well received by our customers.

One new customer to Melbury Vale in October enjoyed Elegance 2014 so much at a visit to the winery, that she purchased some to run her own blind tasting with a group of friends with discerning palates!  Elegance 2014 was up against an Italian Pinot Grigio and a French Sancerre 2014.

And the result was – “You will be delighted to hear that Elegance 2014 won the blind tasting. Everyone agreed Elegance had a much richer flavour and blend of aromas, it was a big hit! So congratulations!”

Elegance 2014 entered its first English wine competition with around 40 other wines in November.  In a blind tasting by Masters of Wine it achieved individual judges marks equating to gold and silver medals.

Tasting notes from the judges included ………a very good, floral and elderflower nose……with lots of citrus, pear and honey flavours……. and…….. a very ‘consumer friendly’ bottle of wine!

All of us at Melbury Vale are delighted and hope that this is the first award of many for our 2014 wines. More are due to be released in the near future.
Come and try some for yourself at our winery, or in Shaftesbury and Tisbury at various events in December.

Merry Christmas from Melbury Vale!